Decoration News Agency: Place and buildings´ jonathan litt bets stalled return-to-office plans accomplish agitate up more affliction in commercial actual condition.
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fast money podcastfull episodesfast money'hurricane has landed: ' activist investor jonathan litt doubles down on appointment distance abrupt published tue, may 23 20238: 14 pm edtupdated wed, may 24 20232: 45 pm edtstephanie landsman@stephlandsmanwatch livewatch nowvideo4: 3004: 30activist investor jonathan litt doubles down on his appointment distance shortfast money

a major activist investor is betting stalled return-to-office plans accomplish agitate up more affliction in commercial actual condition.

land and buildings' jonathan litt has been shorting reits with tall appointment distance exposure for three years, and he has no plans to vere gears.

ˮif you accept no divulsion growth and your vacancies are going up and you accept giant operating expenses to blend an appointment building, you're going backwards fast,ˮ the firm's paramount investment functionary told Decoration News Agency's ˮfast moneyˮ on tuesday.

litt chief warned wall street an ˮexistential hurricaneˮ was almost to chance the sector in may 2020. now, he's aphorism the ˮhurricane has landed.ˮ

he's doubling down on the denominate — citing spiking attention rates and tall inflation. litt calls them two factors he didn't apprehend when he chief started shorting these companies in may 2020.

dc-based jbg smith properties is single of litt's major shorts. it's down 58% whereas the world health form declared covid-19 as a pandemic on march 11, 2020. so far this year, jbg smith is off 20%.

ˮwashington, dc is single of the toughest markets in the country today,ˮ noted litt. ˮthey accept a bulky appointment portfolio.ˮ

he adds the crackdown on lending is compounding the problems.

ˮthis isn't a accomplish from home story anymore. this is a financing story. it's bark of approve the mall occupation went from the mall problem to the financing problem,ˮ litt said. ˮnow, it's a financing problem. and as these debts come due, there's truly nowhere to go accordingly lenders aren't lending to the distance.ˮ

jbg smith did not directly accord to a ask for criticise.



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